Cookbooks in Blumenort School Library??

Whether you choose to make butter from the Little House on the Prairie book or Captain Egg Heads from the Superhero book, students can enjoy the wide selection of cookbooks available to them.  Such as Candy Creations.

image.pngThis was signed out by Braxton from 4A and he, along with his Mom, created a Thanksgiving turkey.



I was fortunate enough to receive one of these delicious treats.  If this gets your culinary or creative juices flowing, come check out the cookbook shelf in the library.  Don’t forget to share your creation with Mrs. Friesen like Braxton did!

Parents, if you are interested in seeing what is on the shelves of the Blumenort School library, go to, choose Blumenort School, and peruse what is available to your children.

Ellie Friesen

Blumenort School Library Clerk