Blumenort School uses the Destiny program in the library.  If you would like to reserve a book, here are the instructions you will need to follow.

-log on to

-choose Blumenort School

-click on Destiny Discover on the left side of the page

-log in with your chromebook information

-choose a book you would like to reserve and click the “hold” button that is on the left.  If you want to reserve more than one book, you need to do each one separately

I will get a message that you have requested a book or books and will bring it to your class the next time you are scheduled to have library. On this site, you can also see which books you have out, any new books that have arrived in the library and any fines you may have.

Here is something to look for when you are browsing through the virtual shelves.

If you see a label with a P, followed by 3 letters (P BUN), that indicates it is a picture book for the grade K-3 students.  The next 3 letters are the first letters of the author’s name.

If the label has a PF, followed by 3 letters (PF RID), these books are early reader and early chapter books, also known as primary fiction.

Books labelled with F, followed by 3 letters (F ANT), are fiction books geared for the grade 4-6 students.

JHF (JHF BAT) is short for junior high fiction.  This is age appropriate for grades 6-8.

Reference books use the Dewey Decimal system.  If you see a book with 3 numbers (808), they will be found in the reference section.  These numbers may also be longer (808.01).  Since we have reference books for K-3 as well as grade 4 and up, you will need to check the sublocation.  If BLUP is indicated, this tells you that it is a K-3 reference book (BLUmenort Primary).  If BLUP is not indicated, the book will be from the grade 4-8 reference section.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will do my best to help you out.


Ellie Friesen
Blumenort School Library Clerk