Subway Cookie Dough & Muffin Fundraiser

This fall we will once again be selling Subway Frozen Cookie Dough and Muffins, as one of our two school-wide fundraisers. The product is from the same manufacturer as Subway cookies and muffins which are extremely popular and very easy to sell. The muffins are a thaw and serve while the cookie dough comes in individual frozen pucks that just need to be place directly on a cookie sheet for 10 minutes. Very convenient for the consumer!!  

A pre-sale sheet is enclosed which can be used to take orders and the product will be delivered two weeks after all the order forms are collected. Any cheques should be made payable to Blumenort School and please be careful as you enter your orders on the order form so you receive the correct number of each flavour!

In past years, our school-wide fundraising money was used to install glass backboards in the gym, have partnered with the PAC to install a concrete pad outside, have improved our sound system in the music room and the lighting for our various concerts. This year we intend to continue our support our Phys. Ed., Guitar & Art programs, make further improvements to our front entrance and continue to improve the technology in each of our classrooms.  We also will use some of the money to subsidize field trips and learning opportunities that are above and beyond the regular classroom routine.

All orders and money should be turned into the school by Friday, September 28th! Great prizes will be available to sellers!  If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you once again for supporting the fundraising that we do at Blumenort School! Your involvement makes such a difference in what happens at our school.